How to Get Google Plus Circles

Setting up shop on Google Plus is one of the most effective ways of succeeding when it comes to operating business online. Although relatively new, Google Plus already boasts of 500 million registered users. This is certainly a fertile ground on which you can promote your business and get a good number of faithful customers (followers) who will buy your products or service for a long time.

Unlike with other social network sites that only provide you with one main feed, Google Plus provides you with several feeds that allow you to organize and manage your business. One such feed is Circles, which gives you the opportunity to organize the people you know on the site, just in the same way you would do in real life. In order to get Google Plus circles , you are obligated to first create one. Clicking on the circles tab opens up an interface where you find all your Gmail contacts. Listed below your contacts are your circles. Circles are basically groups such as friends and family in which you can drag a contact to add. Note that you can add a contact to several circles.

In order to see your results, you will need to go back to Home screen where you will have the opportunity to view all your circles just under your business profile photo. You also have two other very important options below your circles; Notifications and Incoming. While notifications are messages or comments left by users in your circles, Incoming are messages or comments left by users outside your circles, users who you can easily bring into your circles. Another very important tab you will find below your circles that you can use to get more circles is the Sparks tab.

Another great way to Buy Google Plus circles is to make effective use of the chat functionality. Having a good number of circles and contacts gives you the opportunity to enable chat, which you can use to attract more contacts who you can easily add to your circles or create another circle altogether. What is attractive with Google Plus’ chat functionality is that you can only choose a particular circle to chat with instead of all of your circles.

Google Plus’ share functionality is certainly one of the tools you can use to not only get more circles but also to increase your business’ exposure. One great way to use this functionality is to upload impressive photos. Adding photos prompts you to create an album that you can share with any of your circles. Note that you have the ability to select and change circles you can share photos with or individuals within a particular circle.

Because getting Google Plus circles using the above methods can take time, you may consider buying circles from service providers. There are thousands of service providers who specialize in sourcing for and selling Google Plus circles from whom you can buy the same from. These are sold as packages with different number of circles sold at different prices. It is however important to point out that buying circles and loading your business profile with the same will contravene Google Plus’ policies, which has serious consequences.